My name is Dane Morgridge and I am a programmer with four kids. I'm also a Druid, musician, writer, and all kinds of other crazy things. I'm working on several science fiction and/or fantasy novels and have a small publishing company & record label, Project Sandbox Inc.

You can contact me at, at my blog, or on twitter or facebook

The Comic!

Having four kids makes for some very interesting times so some of the comics will be about the insane things that happen at my house. As a programmer, I see and hear some pretty interesting things so there will for sure be comics about that. If I happen to make a comic out of a situation you were directly involved in, don't worry, I'll keep out or change the names to protect the innocent/guity/stupid. But mostly, I live an interesting life (and by interesting, I mean weird), so you can expect the same from my art. I occasionaly have a sick and twisted sense of humor, you have been warned.